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Back in January 2010, the gender-bending gent posed for Yen Magazine dressed up as a preppy schoolgirl in a spread called “School Reunion” – and Radar has all the photos.PHOTOS: Andrej Pejic Is School Girl Chic In the sexy images shot by Cory White, Pejic and another model JJ are clad in retro, hipster duds, posing in front of what looks like a school.They may present as more feminine than the average man, or more masculine than the average woman — but, by and large, they are content cisgender people who simply happen to be attracted to the same sex.Trans people, on the other hand, have gender identities that definitely vary from the labels that were given to them as babies. I thought Randi Gunther’s take in the Huffington Post on how modern marriages are flawed was an interesting one.She posits that while there’s been an evolution in gender roles within our relationships, it may not necessarily be for the best.the winner of their photo contest, and awarded him the title of “Miss Avocado”.But that was before they contacted him to schedule a professional photo shoot and learned that he was actually a man.

Why would women who have accomplished the female dream suddenly not be satisfied with it? In general, men want women who fundamentally accept them for who they are.

“She” and “he” became the new idealized “we.”“You would think that the women in these new relationships would be ecstatic.

They’ve got a guy who wants to work out together, share parenting, support their parallel dreams, and make their family collective central to both of their lives.

(Oh, and if you're thinking about a masculine trans woman, just switch the words and pronouns that I've used in this example.) Er, not really.

The majority of gay people are quite comfortable with the genders in which they live, the genders assigned to them at birth.

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In fact, the beautiful blonde's striking appearance has seen him earn over £100,000 working as a female model.

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