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to minimise risk of injury to the horse, personnel and equipment involved.

Home : Patients and Admissions : Risk Information : Equine Sedation and Anaesthesia for Surgery Risks In order to safely perform surgical procedures on horses it is usually necessary to immobilize the horse.

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Tranquilizers and sedatives in pets can be used for a variety of reasons including helping to relax your pet while grooming, getting x-rays, drawing blood for tests or having surgery and are available by prescription from veterinarians only.

This information on Sedation and Anaesthesia Risks should be read in conjunction with the attached information on Surgery Risks.

We have both local and general anesthetics and analgesics for both small and large animals.

Choose from popular medications including Acepromazine Maleate, Xylazine and Sedivet.

Worming Guide Sedation of horses and ponies is a routine procedure performed on several horses within this practice every week.

Sedated horses are unpredictable and must never be assumed to be totally safe.

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Before agreeing to sedation and anaesthesia of your horse, it is important that you understand that the use of all sedative and anaesthetic drugs may involve risk to the patient.

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