Ricky ullman and alyson michalka dating 2016

The season focuses more about Phil and Keely's friendship turning into something more, and Pim trying to rule the world.Phil of the Future's Working title was The Out of Timers. He is a 9th (Season 1) / 10th (Season 2) grader at Junior/Senior High School.The series was created by Tim Maile and Douglas Tuber and produced by 2121 Productions, a part of Brookwell Mc Namara Entertainment.It follows a family from the future that gets stranded in the 21st century when their time machine breaks down.For starters, the show was about a family from the future that was stuck in modern times, which allowed for some seriously funny one-liners.

He has also appeared in several films including the 'X-Men: Days of Future' as well as its sequel, ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.’ Born in St.Vice Principal Neil Hackett attempts to discover that the family is from the future.The second season of Phil of the Future continued the scenario of the Diffy family stranded in another time period.I blame it on everyone going into a food coma, passed out in front of their TVs after eating that third piece of pie.Ullman was reunited with his TV sister Pim (Amy Bruckner) on Nov. The 24-year-old actress uploaded an adorable pic to Instagram of her and Ullman cheesin' it up.

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