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As a kid I don’t remember being surrounded by celebrities. They have a few friends in the business, but I never thought of them as famous people.

"I've only known her for five months or so," says Irons of his girlfriend. I met all of her friends in one go last night." Was it intimidating? I didn't even go in because I thought that the part was just a repackaged version of the parts I played before in these young adult films—sort of moody, masculine, but sensitive and all this kind of thing. I thought, No, because I might want to quit acting if I do it.

"They were ruthless," comments Irons of the time period.

"You had to be to stay in control—your own brother is trying to kick you off the throne. His brother and his best friend and his advisor tried to kill him and then he had them back to court, invited them back. Allegiances are so important to maintain, because without them you'd be nothing. All these young beautiful girls, Dominic West comes in...

His thoughtful curiosity is just one facet of Irons's understated charm, which, at its core, seems to be comprised of the manner of a man who's never known quite how pretty he is and the humble assurance of one who always has. How did their stories compare with the way the club was depicted in the movie? It was about two Mormon kids that went to Central Park and ended up beating a gay guy to death—very bleak—but Neil La Bute is a great writer, and it was my first intense acting experience I've ever had.

In other words, Max Irons is a perfect gentleman—just not in his latest movie, , a gruesome glimpse of the depravity that results when a group of well-bred, elitist Oxford boys, drunk on mob mentality, swears commitment to a life of hedonism. We were very cautious that we didn't want to exaggerate. What we did was we interviewed those people that were in the club and we interviewed various equivalent clubs in Cambridge, and the response we got, especially from Cambridge, was that the stories aren't true . At that point I realized that it was more thrilling than anything I'd done at school, and I put all of my attention into acting.

I’d have to know my lines and other people’s lines. In auditions, I’ll ask in advance for the script or I’ll explain that I can’t read well off a page.

If you’re just open about it, I find people totally understand.

Absolutely beautiful, but the sort of project any normal man would have walked away from. As I got older the parts got bigger, and at 16 I was given a script to read on stage. I then realised that I just had to be more prepared than anyone else.

When it came to my turn, I was tearing up and just making up the story.

Mum realised I had a problem and took me to a lady who diagnosed me as dyslexic.

But when I was younger I used to want to be a teacher. I used to audition but I had really bad dyslexia so the idea of going to an audition where you’re just going to sit down and read... And then I did a play at school and I thought, “Oh s---, this is a good as it gets, this excites me more than anything I’m doing academically.” The White Queen has been a long shoot and I’m thankful for that, it’s something to really get your teeth into. I’ve done work over the past couple of years that is typical of American films, targeted to the 13-15 year old female demographic.

It isn’t written, frankly, with that much care and attention.

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