Is katy perry dating travis mccoy again

A lot of these are based on clues and a few rumors, but we gave our best guesses -- look and listen!(Dated 2005-2006) The troubled "Sons of Anarchy" actor and Perry broke up in 2006, before her singing career took off.

Post-graduate Erin works at a four-star luxury hotel in Los Angeles in the hospitality industry.While there's nothing to suggest that there's anything more than friendship between them, no doubt the latest pictures will be hard for Katy, 32, to see.The Vanity Fair party was the place to be after the Oscars this year, with all the A-listers heading to the event.Now, with the year wrapping up, Mc Coy is back in the studio, working music for the next Gym Class Heroes album as well as a solo project.And he can't help but write a song or two inspired by his former flame.

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Katy Perry is single again after calling off her yearlong relationship with Orlando Bloom, and the breakup got us thinking about the other men who have stolen the sexy singer's heart over the years and inspired a few of her hit songs, too.

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