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It currently has System-7.5.1 on it and probably will stay at that for the rest of its life - unless someone finds a way to port Mac OSX to 68k processors. you might claim that super-natural beings do not exist at all - and i do not have proof for that, either. and hopefully you'll find some good solutions from that. :-) Net Life: Most active participation in these newsgroups: warlord signatures and all that comp.editors for vi and clones elm for mailer elm (nostalgia) mutt for mailer mutt pine for mailer pine (and flames - hehe) for slrn Maintaining some two hundred web pages and several FAQs. Community Much of my time goes into supporting the community of people using and developing free software.;-) Reading: I enjoy reading on mathematics (especially puzzles), and biographies from people who have lived in Europe within this century, focusing on people living in Germany between 1900-1950. all that remains is some thinking done on your life and your relation to other beings. Since 1999 I have been to quite a few events where I try to meet the people I am conversing with in email and bring together people so that they hopefully can work together on some projects.Mi 2004-06-23 14-15h Practical Linux Forum "Text Tools Galore! and i do not think that the number really is all that important." Do 2004-06-24 11-12h Practical Linux Forum "Screen - 'Fenster im Terminal'" Do 2004-06-24 13-14h R2.08 Birds Of Feather (BOF) sessions on mutt slrn Sa 2004-06-26 ab 21h Night Watch / Graveyard Shift beim org In 1992 I had bought a Macintosh (IIvx) which was converted to a Quadra650 in 1996. or even infinitely many - for various kinds of infinity? even if there are any then their names are not so that important, either.But then he went on to say that if this goal were achieved, it would make the meetings more “attractive”.Speaking as someone who attended functional programming conferences for ten years, the field of programming language (PL) research in general is particularly male-dominated even by computer science standards.An earlier version of this post appears on Tim’s blog.This year’s “Future of Haskell” discussion, which traditionally ends the annual Haskell Symposium, stumbled into the question of gender equity, via the perennial question of how to increase the number of Haskell programmers.

This is quite different than large conferences such as Wikimania, which often have multiple speakers or panels about a huge variety of topics.

This can be as broad as an overarching topic, like women's history or items in the collection of a museum, or you can target a specific backlog.

People who have never edited before often feel most comfortable with either: A) a topic which they have some degree of interest in and B) a very simple activity, like copyediting or wikifying.

On this screen is a program running with text messages scrolling up at a rapid pace. What is happening is instant communication with people all over the world.

In a column on the left of the screen is a list of names that is being constantly updated, with as many as four or five hundred names listed. In that list of names could be people from every inhabited continent, sharing ideas, cultures, and customs.

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Many programmers (of all genders) find math intimidating and think that the Haskell programming language requires more mathematical skill than other popular languages.

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