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uring the period 1978-1979 (maybe '80 even) the A-model Washburn Falcon is, so far known, made in 3 different versions.It might be that there's even a 4th version but that's still under investigation. For over 40 years, millions of musicians have used the Yamaha FG as the perfect tool to express their music.FGs gained the respect due to thet quality, dependability, playability and value. "NO RESERVE" GRETSCH 1960'S HARDSHELL CASE "NO RESERVE" THIS GRETSCH HARDSHELL CASE IS FROM THE 1960'S. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING, CHECKS MUST WAIT 10 DAYS BEFORE SHIPPING. FIT'S A 16" BOTTOM BOUT GUITAR WITH A 3" THICKNESS AND A 41&1/2" LENGTH WITH NO PROBLEM. THIS 1960'S GRETSCH HARDSHELL CASE IS IN NICE SHAPE!

"NO RESERVE" OVATION EARLY 80'S HARDSHELL CASE "NO RESERVE" THIS OVATION HARDSHELL CASE IS FROM THE EARLY 80'S. THIS EARLY 1980'S OVATION HARDSHELL CASE IS IN NICE SHAPE! Towards the end of the 1970’s, Fender and Gibson were loosing market share.That is why we hear so much about the “Lawsuit ERA” guitars.The first letter indicates the last digit of the year of production. Tenryu/Wada Factory, Made in Japan, 1985-1986: ######. (Their numbering system began with “H” for 1.) The second letter indicates the month.

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Not only was the manufacturing quality improving, but the quality of the REPLICATION was reaching new highs.

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