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When the stakes are high (see: Ultimate First Date Look), the heels should be low: the main goal is to appear relaxed and not overly (or overtly! “And heels include wedges, especially cork.” Opt for flats with a splash of color or bright pattern for a kicky “I’m fun, too! As for the bag, keep it simple sans the frills and the fringe.“Go for the bag that is polished without being too corporate,” says Zalopany.

Nonetheless, although the vibe may be casual, this isn’t a jeans and T-shirt moment: consider the Brooklyn rooftop bar scene.

But have no fear, ladies: Here are a few inside tips to help you ace the “meeting the buddies” test and further win your man’s heart.01.

Show interest in my friends (but not too much interest! Make an effort to learn their names, some background about our relationship, and what level of friendship we share.

Relationship Advice How to Meet His Friends and Survive It The first time you meet your boyfriend's friends can be nerve wracking.

You may be nervous about whether or not they will like you, whether or not you will be able to make polite conversation with them and how their opinions of you will affect your relationship with your boyfriend.

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