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I'm glad you did, but if you don't like it, if you prefer nothing over a glimpse, then you can just avoid my page. I'm glad you thought the game was interesting and all so far, even if you hate me haha.

It's not a full version, and I don't know when I'll have to finish it. You argument is just slightly immature because I never forced you to check out my art. I hope my answer didn't offend you in any way, because your comment really did not offend me.

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"Talk with Deidara and cheer him up instead of pissing him off"-game!

So if you're wondering why some buttons don't work, and why you keep ending up at the beginning of the game all of the time... I publish things because I want to, I do it because it's my hobby and I like to share things with others, discuss and meet people with the same interests and what not. I know it's important to deliver when you have people waiting, but like I said, it's just my hobby, it's not about pleasing other's; I don't get the best outcomes when I work like that.

Ok i didn't read the description and i was wondering about the broken buttons. I want to finish this but I need to find the time and energy to, first? I'll try to finish this sometime soon so if you want to have it in your mailbox you can always watch!! Or are you telling me you're still not done after a year? You always make such intriguing and interesting previews but never finish anything and leave us hanging.

Spitting in earl grey tea is bad, no matter what the young earl himself has thrown at my head that morning.5. No cats anywhere except for outside (even still I must hide them! I may be a demon but that is no exucse for many reasons.10. Offering contracts just to kill Finny is prohibited.12. Pew Die,(Lada dada da, lada dada da, lada da dada, naa, dum)(Lada dada da, lada dada da, lada da dada, naa, dum)We bros used to you having jump scares a lot Because we've watched your vids at least once But even though we're used to you screaming out loud When you yell "BARRELS" it gives us goosebumps(Aah! )You have to do whatever he says If you don't, then you'll be chased by the bro You might not want to loose your heads(At least not yet!

If Mey-Rin tries to rape me in my sleep I am permitted to hit her twice but no more.13. )You really need, to get away from that barrel Pew Die Wait just a sec, watch out for that untrusted statue Running away From the bros Every day Hurry, chair mode, activate!

(I've got one week holiday and is spent for this lol) Not like the usual ones x DAnd the miracle that happened is that ideas kept coming to me, and also I got a lot of 'passion' in doing this. I don't think the song is official, since the official one is already bought for SNSD (Korean Girl Band) in Korean version.

If you know you cant finish it, then just dont show us anything, alright? I really understand the frustration, I've read fanfictions that haven't been updated in two years or more, the author always giving a disappointed "I'm sorry, I'm busy! But like you can see in the name, this is indeed a preview. If you don't like previews, why don't you avoid them instead of trying them out? You're not rude and I understand why it pisses you off.

Even if it's just a Little 'taste' of what I'm working on 24/7 haha When I'm finished with this game, I might make Another flashgame. Oh ok, I can't wait for it though :3 I understand on the flash thing though, I had a computer class last year and we made stuff with Macromedia flash and we had to make a thing with a working button then my computer went and crashed the day before it was due "And Deidara asked you out! Thanks again for enjoying the game haha x DI don't know... You know the thing about making flash games is that it takes a little while, and I just need to be on the right mood to actually sit down with flash for a few days and get this done! But I want to finish this with high quality, you know? I'm sorry if I come off rude but this really pisses me off. I hope you realize that you can't tell me not to upload a preview because it pisses you off not to get the full version.

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I'M SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY This is my fastest record, cause its done rly fast, less than a week, about 5 days i think.. I'm rly happy ^___^Hope you all like this flash like I do Info about this song: This song is sung by Ke$ha.

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